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RachelWasWrong.org is hosted by the Competitive Enterprise institute, a free-market public policy group in Washington, D.C. As advocates of liberty, we believe that the freedom to access and develop technology is critical in efforts to improve human well-being. We understand that technologies—like everything—carry risks. Yet such risks can be managed, while the risks stagnation are often far more serious.

This website addresses the dangers associated with anti-technology views, as embodied in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Such views pervade much of modern-day environmental literature, and have actually become part of the world’s conventional wisdom. The materials on this site focus on showing the dangers to such extreme perspectives, demonstrating a serious need to rethink this approach.

CEI is working in partnership with several other groups on the content for this site. These include:

Africa Fighting Malaria
American Council on Science and Health
Center for Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute
Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow
Congress of Racial Equality
Liberty Institute, India

About Malaria and DDT

Malaria is often a fatal disease caused by a protozoan that is transmitted to humans via mosquito bites ...

The Anti-DDT Crusade

With her book Silent Spring, Rachel Carson was one of the first people to suggest that DDT was creating widespread problems in the environment ...

DDT: Health and Wildlife

Despite the fact that DDT was banned without public health justifications, many people still believe it is dangerous to public health ...